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Safety officer Services

NobleForce is a private safety officer organization enrolled under The Companies Commission of Malaysia with number 556671-W. Respectable Force has readily served the Malaysian society since 10 January 2002, with license to work the country over under the laws of Section 3, 1971 Private Agency Act No. 27/71.

Built up by the board work power with expansive military establishment, Noble Force has acted in various concurrence with different managerial associations and pros fusing achievement with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Today, Noble Force continue developing its framework and has a current of in excess of 100 safety officer utilized and served gets all through the country.

We accept that total security isn’t only the straightforward nearness of watchmen and patrollers. A proactive method of managing likely dangers before they become dangers is conveyed by us.

Proficient Manned Guarding

Our kept an eye on security guarding group is made of experienced experts. Their adaptability, range of abilities and capacity to adjust to any circumstance implies they can easily coordinate your desires and surpass them, as well. Watchmen are qualified fire marshals and first aiders, just as having phenomenal relational abilities meaning you can have confidence everything is leveled out.

Safety officers

We value giving proficient security administrations over the Malaysia. Throughout the years we have picked up abilities and gathered huge information and mastery to offer an unmatched response to security questions.

Regardless of whether it is deflecting cheats from modern bequests or making sure about empty structure destinations, our safety officers have what it takes and expertise with regards to viably ensuring the two individuals and resources. We’re a believed name in the business and the cautious and determined methodology we take to each extend empowers us to give the absolute best outcome conceivable.

Night Watch Security

When your staff have returned home for the afternoon, who is ensuring your business? Our specific night gatekeepers can care for your property during the night, doing as such with complete capability.

Our staff are all CSG prepared and have an abundance of involvement with late evening guarding. They work intimately with watchful CCTV observing and productive, opportune watches. We have the correct assets to deal with any circumstance or situation.

Safety officer Company In Malaysia

Statement of purpose

Our central goal is to give insurance and security to our customers through a bespoke assistance customized to their particular needs, eventually the wellbeing and security of the customer’s staff, premises, resources and the overall population is our most noteworthy need.

Our Values

As an organization and as people we esteem to the exclusion of everything else trustworthiness, uprightness, unselfishness, polished methodology and common regard. We consider ourselves responsible to our customers, staff and accomplices by regarding our duties, giving outcomes and constantly endeavoring to give the most excellent security administrations.

Our Goals

Being a client centered association, remaining nearby to our customers and to secure their homes, work environment and networks.

​​Recognizing the significance of open interchanges and building relationship dependent on common reespect with our client’s, representatives and society.

Recruiting and holding the top individuals accessible and expanding open door for progress through preparing and advancement.

Why Choose Us

We aren’t just an association offering safety officers or watched out for guarding. A critical number of our staff are ex-military work drive and have given security in some the most undermining spots. This experience and the constant getting ready and support they get makes us one of the primary security associations around.

– Highly experienced and capable safety officer across Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

– All safety officer are checked and screened for security circumstances.

– Robust organization structure set up to ensure the most perfect security organizations are being given.

– Affordable safety officers without choosing quality.

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