Uber Vs Grab ? Which is the best for drivers ?

Uber vs Grab: which one is the best for drivers?

Are you interested in driving for money but don’t know if you have to choose Uber or Grab? Discover their differences and a winner chosen between Uber vs Grab below!


1. Client call

Customers are always looking for the best offer and drivers want as many customers as possible. A comparison made between the two driving services was carried out to show driving costs by car from different pickup locations to Changi airport. Of the five comparisons, Grab was cheaper in three places. Of the other two, the cost of entering at most $ 0.30 more than Uber. Although Uber’s cost differences have a value similar to the other three locations, it is always useful for people on a low budget to save money and ten money; Especially if they often use the service. GRAB tends to be cheaper for most car walks under 30 km.

Longer car journeys are cheaper when they take Uber but saving $ 0.30. Overall, taking is generally cheaper for customers. The two driving services had a promotional battle for free points. Uber offers credit points for credit card users. New card customers can be offered $ 150 Uber credits. GRAB had previously given new $ 120 CASH CASH cards. Waves of promotional codes have been distributed by the two companies, which makes their customer more or less at the same level.

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2. Service options and participation

The two driving services have standard economy cars or premium luxury rides. Drivers can participate in carpooling services. However, there are some differences:

– Uber is accessible in a wheelchair
– GRAB can provide approved taxis
– Bus and shuttle options are available with GRAB
– GRAB provides reminders to children

These services offer a range of options for the participation of drivers.

3. Profits and incentives

Finally, everything comes down to profit. Uber and Grab give the Driver Commission by 20%. Uber has a base price of $ 0.50 higher and $ 0.04 higher per min. Grab has a higher rate per km of $ 0.05. Under the same driving conditions, the net prices are almost the same with approximately $ 0.28 in favor of Uber. In the fall of 2016, Uber was released with a lump sum rate and a reduction in reduced prices by 15%. The two have price increases algorithms for periods of high demand, alias.

GRAB has a higher acceptance rate of 8% and the two services offer weekly incentives to eligible drivers. Uber allows customers and drivers to provide notes, while GRAB only allows customers to note drivers. Unlike Grab, Uber does not allow drivers to see the destination before accepting the work.

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The winner

When all the dust has installed, Grab seems to be the best option for drivers in Singapore. Its benefit of lower tariffs can be compensated by incentives to customers, which can benefit from more passengers and drivers can benefit these incentives with several participation options.